She thought there’d be some kind of moment—some buildup or conversation or indication beyond “your mittens” and “thanks” to signal that what she’d been imagining nonstop for the whole day was about to come true.

But there was no magic moment. It just sort of happened. As if it were inevitable.

As if there were no other way.

All of a sudden, his lips were on hers, his mouth hot and sweet with cider and smoke, his strong arms holding her up as her knees threatened to give way.

His tongue searched hers gently, then insistently, and her whole body was liquid, drunk with wanting. She hooked her fingers through his belt loops and pulled him toward her. Even with all the cloth between them, the flannel and fleece, she could feel his body fitted against hers, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, his fingers buried deep in her wild red hair.

The kiss was long but over too soon. He pulled away and she looked up into his eyes, unable to make sense of how one kiss could do this much. It was as if everything she was had melted into him. She wasn’t sure where she ended and the rest of him began.

But instead of pulling him tighter as she wanted, she loosened her grip on his waist. The momentary pause had given her time to think again, and it was insane what they had done. Her mind screamed at her heart and everything pounded in her head. What was she doing?

Ben seemed to sense her uncertainty. But he only smiled, like he wasn’t going to push. He kissed her once more on the mouth, softer this time.

“Goodnight,” he whispered, and his breath on her ear sent a shudder all the way down her spine.

He turned and trotted off into the darkness, leaving her to her thoughts. Making sure that the next time she saw him, she’d be able to think of nothing else.

She stood for a long time in the doorway, clutching her mittens, her pajamas slightly askew and her mouth open in shock.

Above All Teaser 1


I  received an ARC from the very talented Author REBECCA BROOKS, in exchange for an honest opinion.

This is my very honest opinion of her hot and sexy book- Above All ( a haeart in the adirondacks novel). Having never read any of this any of this author’s books before. I was unsure what to expect. However- the fact that she had written it with the setting of the Adirondack mountains intriqued me very much.
The way in which she has described the scenrey – the mountains- the park . Ms Brooks brings them to life right before your eyes. Even the icy water in the Adirondacks- ( that really seems like it never warms up lol). Her characters are written so true to life. And are defined so well you are able to visulize them.
As our story starts out we find ourselfs in the mountains at a campsite. Where Casey Webb has ended up living from her sudden brake up ex-boyfriend. Now she has just checked in a group of friends wanting to get together again from college years. One of the guys shows up late and he is currently finishing school to become a chief. Ben Miller comes in makes small talk with her. See’s she is reading a book and decides she needs to read the book he has – begs her to take the book. Once she opens it and starts reading it- Reads the deadication. Boy is Casey hot mad! Above All he wants to Thank is girlfriend cause without her he could not have completed this book. What!! It was her sweat and tears that helped him not that bimb bo.
Later Ben seeks her out with a beer wants her to join them at the campsite. Which she does. They getting talking about her ex- the author of the book. She tells them they have him all wrong. If they only knew. Casey leaves before she gives away any information about knowing him.Ben shows up at her cabin . This is where the excitement begins !!
In order to find out what happens between Casey and Ben you NEED to read the BOOK. And ABOVE ALL what will Casey choose??
This is one hot fast read! Romance – Made for all to read – Above all ( A Heart of the Adirondacks Novel) was published on July 20th, 2018. I recommend this book to everyone who loves a good Romance novel. This one has a strong heroine character in it. I give it 5 mouse paws . Now HIKE to your nearest retail outlet and get your copy today. This is one book you don’t want to miss. Make sure to add it your goodreads reading list. And then go to and add Rebecca Brooks to your following list.
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