Twice Turned Cover


                              HEATHER MCCORKLE

                             PUBLISHED JULY 23, 2018


Those magnetic eyes wouldn’t look away from me, almost as if they couldn’t. His power pulsed and crackled like a growing fire, one that wanted desperately to reach out and combine with my own power. Impossible. He’d never felt that way about me. This had to be a dream. “Vidar, is that really you?”

The big smile that flashed ultra-white teeth at me was unmistakable. A mixture of child-like joy, repressed desire, and repressed anger spun me into a whirlwind that made my heart pound like a Viking drum. Was that moisture in his eyes?

“Yes, White Wolf, it’s me. By the gods, you look amazing!”

Giggles of pure happiness bubbled from me quicker than I could stop them. I couldn’t help it. I’d waited so very long for this moment. “As do you!”

Twice Turned Teaser 3


I received an ARC from the Author HEATHER MCCORKLE- In exchange for an HONEST OPINION. This is my VERY honest opinion- of her amazing and spelling binding book.Having never read any of Ms Mccorkle books before. I was unsure of what to expect from this talented Author. Ms McCorkle writes historical and fantasy books. Twice Turn is a turn work of fantasy. An amazing work of true edge of your seat/page turning ;spellbinding fantasy. She captures you from the first moment you start reading. You find yourself engulfed into the characters and scences.The characters are so well defined -you are able to see each of them right before your eyes. As for the scenes. The Author is able to paint the scenes so vividly you feel you right there in the forest or side of road with Ayra & Vidar.
As our story opens we find Vidar in a contest to become a vendari to uppskera. Ayra is the white wolf better know as the reaper. As for Vidar he is hoping to be accepted as her vendari. He would help her keep from losing herself. Odin himself has gifted these two with powers to watch over earth and shifters. Will they be able to do it?? Will Ayra accept Vidar as her vendari?? For these answers and more -you need to GET THE BOOK!
I recommend this book for all. It is a ya fantasy read. A very fast one at that. I give it 5 mouse paws. Now run and get your copy today. Don’t forget to add Twice Turn to reading list on Goodreads and what are you waiting for Get YOur Copy NOW!!!