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Good Morning and Welcome to MouseyBooks. We have with us once again the very talented Tre Vaugh Taylor. Welcome back Tre -it’s great having you here with us . I see you have been a busy little beaver since our chat. You have had a lot happening in your life.

Mousey-  Can you tell us about your recent Writer workshop? And do you plan on having any more of them in the future? 

Tre– Good morning! It feels good to be back. My workshop was a fun experience and I enjoyed teaching those that wanted to be taught. I always wanted to host a class. I will be hosting more soon in different states. I always wanted to talk at universities as well.  Looking forward to being booked for those. 

 Mousey- you have written three very excellent books. Do you have another one for us? I sure hope so 

Tre- I sure do! currently writing my 4th novel entitled ” Be A Man About It” I’m excited to share this new novel with ya’ll in 2018! Thank you for all the support over the years from new to old readers of my work.  

Mousey- How is your music coming ? Do you have an album yet? And where can your fans find your music?

 Tre- It’s coming along beautifully! Actually in the process of finishing up my debut EP ” Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.” This project will drop in the first quarter of next year. I’m so excited to share.  I have music on itunes plus other music stores as well as on sound cloud too. My mixtape ” Black. Boy. Raps” can be streamed via sound cloud. Check out my recent features with other dope artists. Shout out to them! 

Mousy- I heard a rumor that you are doing a secret project. Is that true? And can you tell us about it or is it still a secret? 

Tre- Yes, I’m actually shooting for this special project later on this month. It’s something I’m very excited about! Working with some dope people! More info soon. 

Mousey- Are you still doing your modeling? And have you thought about modeling for book covers?


Tre- I haven’t did any new modeling work yet. I’m still in love with the craft and Yes, I think about it all the time but I think I’m gonna leave that for a special project. 


Mousey-Where can your followers aka stalkers/fans find you on the internet? 

Tre- Haha.  

Twitter: @OfficialTTxo 

IG: @OfficialTTaylorxo 


Mousey- Is there anything you would like to tell the fans?


Tre: Yes, thank you so much for supporting me!!!!!! I appreciate all the support.  I can’t wait to meet ya’ll all in person. I can’t thank ya’ll enough!!!!!!! Everything I’m working on is worth the wait. Please keep manifesting your dreams. 

Thank you Mousey Books for all the support and love over the years! I appreciate you very much and what you’ve done for my career. 

Thank you! 

Mousey- Thank you Tre for joining us today. Now for your followers and readers out there. Please go out to amazon to pick up your books The Project of Being a Women , What’s the T and The Project of Being a Women After Affect. And make sure to catch his music on soundcloud. His latest song Mona Lisa is amazing! You have to get it! Until next time.. Have a great Mouse Day!


esmemouseysheformeHello there – Bet you all thought this mouse was loss . Well she has been for several months. I’ve been lost in some bad depression that was brought on by some family problems.

Family problems that we have been dealing with since July. One very major problem with our youngest son. This stage of the problem comes to an end this Friday. Since you are all close to me. I will tell you some about it. Not all the facts -just some of them. Six years ago he was placed on probation for internet porn. Yes – they will and do get you for that. He made the mistake of taking his computer in to be repair and the repair man told him it was fried. However- he went looking on his computer an found porn-turned him. And he was charged. He kept telling us these past years he was behaving. However- he was violated in July. Since then he has been waiting for sentencing for prison. As of my writing he is looking at 20 years with 10 years probation.

Not sure what he will get this Friday. All I know is since July – my life has turned upside down. I have been loss  – in a deep depression. Not only have I had to deal with my son- but I almost lost my older brother in October. Then hubby had to surgery in Sept. I had back surgery in November .

They say when it rains it pours. I agree with the saying. I know that I have let a lot of people down these past months. For that I apologize. I am now on new med’s and doing my best to fight this dark demon.

Depression is something that is not seen. A person will look fine – will tell you they are fine. However- we are fighting every moment of every day to just to handle daily things. Things that you take for granted. It takes all I can do at times to get up in the morning- cook or clean let alone go out in public. Or even socialize. All I ask is that you please bare with me just a little bit longer. I promise the mouse will back and she will stronger than ever.




Together with a bunch of phenomenal Romantic Suspense authors, November 7th, we will be releasing a thrilling RomSus anthology;
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esmemouseysheformeMismousey always reviews books for authors. This time I am going to tell you about what happened to me and my husband while we were staying at this hotel.

My sister passed away on December 23rd, 2015. And as a family we decided to have a memorial service for her on her birthday. I called 1-800 choice and made a reservation for May 7th  thru the 12th. As the service was the 11th. At any rate – we arrived at the hotel. First off it did not have everything it offered. Bummer! Right off the bat – the television and internet goes down!!! Like they haven’t paid the bill. It’s down for several hours ( 6 to 8) After spending 3 days – I needed to do some laundry. When I went to where the washer/dryer is for the customers.I was informed that it was broken They did not know when it would be fixed.  And maybe my tooth fairy would fix it. Good one huh? Ok I will admit it . I had been up for a couple of hours – was still in my laying around clothes and had not put my false teeth in. Hence the tooth fairy statement from the manager.

Now as the days are moving along we are slowly tossing food out. My husband is constantly telling the manager as he does not want the odor in the room. And he also states the frig is freezing it. She doesn’t care about but takes the trash from him.

ON the 10th she comes up to him and tells him that our check out time is at 11 am the following morning. He tells her that we are paid up till the 12th. She states that will correct the problem. However- I end up getting doubled billed the following morning.When I ask about it – all I am told is I have to check out  And this is the morning I am burying my sister. Is this my choice of checking out? Hell no!! Even though you tell headquarters  that it was mine.

See when the manager made the mistake and  doubled bill me – then she told me I had to check out. She informed headquarters it was my choice to leave early. Why would I want to? My family is there. I was visiting with them- they just didn’t have the room to put us up- or the food to feed us.

Speaking of food- all the food that we lost- The value of the food for the drinks and mayo and lunch -cheese -pasta salad- milk- When you total all of these up my teas where each 4.oo each =8.00 milk =3.00 eggs=2.99 pasta salad =12..00 mayo =3.00 cheese=6.00 lunch meat =18.00 Grand total of 60.00

Did they replace it ?NO!! However – because I went back and told them they over charged me 56.29 and they left me no money to get back home and no money to eat on or food as there frig froze it all. The manager  owner did give us 30.00. Which means they still owe me an additional 30.00. OUr meal out that night cost is 17.00 for 2 people.





Death of a Chorus Girl Tour BannerWelcome to my stop on the Death of a Chorus Girl Blog Tour! Read more about the book below, and be sure to follow along with the tour and enter the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Death of a Chorus Girl Cover

When Detective Richard Giordano walks onto the Broadway stage, he expects to find a young, dead chorus girl. Having the show’s choreographer so intricately tied to the victim, and now his case, is something else altogether. What quickly becomes even more troublesome is balancing his attraction with his gut instincts.

The choreographer, Empathy Delacroix, is no stranger to death. Emotional scenes from the past suck her in and force her to play critical roles in the events. They often culminate in her experiencing the victim’s demise. It’s a secret she can’t confide in the police, even if she knows how the chorus girl’s life really ended.

Time ticks by and New York’s vilest players come out of the shadows, not only threatening to detour the case but also Detective Giordano’s and Empathy’s entire lives. The bonds of death and love push them closer together and into the path of a killer, leaving both unsure of what their future holds.


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Had I known the smile Em gave me by the statue was the last one I would see that afternoon, I would have taken more time to memorize it. We are on our way to our fourth address. Each time she enters that frightful trance it is as if I watch her die. Her body quivers uncontrollably until she collapses in my arms. Her breathing grows shallower until it stops. At that point, all the tension seeps out of her, and she becomes lifeless. Then she blinks, begins gulping the air as if it is water, and clings to me like I am her anchor to reality.
So far, we haven’t talked about what is going on, short of her outlining in specific detail how my victims spent their last living moments. I’m confused and alarmed about what I’m witnessing, and even a little scared of her. And yet, as confounding and outrageous as this all is, I refuse to walk away. I can’t leave her to deal with it alone. Whatever this is, it is a part of her. The burgeoning love I feel isn’t diminished by it. If anything, it grows. Now there is something I can be for Em, her anchor. She may go through the experience alone, but I am determined to never again let her deal with its aftermath that way.
The time between each site is just as bad as the sites themselves. She won’t talk to me except to insist that we continue on this madcap quest. I hear her whimpers as she fights back the emotions resulting from her experience. The tears never fall but sit heavy in her eyes as she shivers next to me. She looks battered and broken, though there isn’t a bruise marring her perfect skin. I try multiple times to comfort her but she pushes me away, saying it isn’t time for that now.
Needless to say, when she grabs my arm and shouts, “Where are we going?” I’m shocked.
“Battery Park, Em. We don’t have to do this anymore…”
“Stop the car!” she demands, cutting me short. “Stop the car, Richard! Stop it now!” We are in the middle of New York City traffic. I can’t just stop, but glancing at her, she looks green and terrified. The tears are falling and her free hand claws at the door. “Let me out! Please, Richard, I have to get out!”
I flip on the lights, directing us into the far-right lane to park the car. In an instant, she is out and racing to a trash can. By the time I join her, she’s violently emptying her stomach contents. I am at a loss for what to do as I watch her beg for water between her heaves. I don’t have any and I can’t leave her to get some. She is barely holding herself up.
“I need water!” I holler and flash my badge. “Em, stay with me.” Please don’t have this madness she’s been putting herself through steal her from me. Thankfully, a food vendor hands me a bottle.
I help her to the ground and feel helpless as she guzzles about half the bottle before pouring the rest over her head. I look at the vendor sheepishly as I fish a ten out of my wallet. He waves it off and offers to bring me more water if she needs it. I’ve come across enough burn victims suffering from dehydration to recognize the symptoms of fire damage in the woman cowering on the pavement in front of me. She needs more water. I press the ten into his hand and gratefully accept his offer.
I give her my full attention while he is gone. “What happened? What do you need?” Her eyes aren’t completely clouded over, as if we are on the edge of another trance.
She focuses through the fog and for the briefest moment, she is completely back. “Get me out of here. I can’t be in Lower Manhattan.” The words shake with her fear. Her body convulses again as it fights the wretched trance threatening to sweep her away from me. Something about this instance, though, is much worse than all the rest. I’m afraid it may actually kill her.
There aren’t many options. I don’t want to leave her, and I can’t leave the car. She can’t be in Lower Manhattan, but getting her out requires taking her deeper into it first. It pains me to take the only move I have. The vendor returns and I waste no time before ordering him to stay with her. I race to the charger, flip on the lights, and quickly maneuver through traffic to get turned back towards uptown. By the time I get back to Em, I was gone about fifteen minutes but it was the longest fifteen minutes of my life.
The vendor is still by her side and from the number of bottles on the ground it looks like he was very generous to her. “You should probably get this one to a hospital, officer,” he comments with sincere concern.
“Thank you, sir. I’ll take care of her from here.” The vendor walks back to his cart as I turn back to Em. The convulsions have stopped but she is soaking wet. I kneel before her and cup her face to bring her eyes to mine. There are hints of that damned fog in them, but it hasn’t taken her over yet. “Em, I’m here. The car’s at the corner and I’m going to get you out of here. Can you walk?” She shakes her head, and I don’t hesitate to scoop her up into my arms.


About PM Briede:

I am a lover of all things artistic. I grew up surrounded by the performing arts both as a spectator and performer. That love of creation and design is the fuel for my writing now. Being able to create and entertain is a dream come true.

The imagination is a powerful thing, able to take you places you never dreamed. I write realistic fantasy. The idea of the possible having impossible explanations fascinates me. That idea is the driving force behind the Charlotte Grace series.

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Death of a Chorus Girl Blog Tour Giveaway


10 Tips for Better Writing! BY A D MARTIN

A D MARTIN has written 10 tips for better writing, and he couldn’t of done it better. Once you have read his tips- then you will understand what it takes to become a better writer or even a better blogger.

Thank you so much for great information. And for following me. I went to your site and WOW!! You sure have helped me a lot and now I am passing on your information in hopes that it can continue to help others.

10 Tips for Better Writing!.