“I can’t ask you do more than you already do.” She sighed into his neck. Her breath tickled his skin, causing goosebumps to rise. “You already do so much. Too much. You need to have a life. How will you ever find another woman to share your life with if you spend all your free time taking care of your brother’s widow?”

“Gracey, you’re more than Chad’s widow. You’re family. My best friend. You’ve been a tremendous support for me. I wouldn’t have made it through my divorce a few years back or this past year without you. I will do whatever I can to help you. You know that. We’ve leaned on each other this last year, and I’m not abandoning you now. I’ll always be here for you.”

“I don’t want to be alone anymore.” Her fingers twisted into his t-shirt, pulling him closer as she sobbed.

He tightened his arms around her and tried to ignore the painful squeeze in his heart and his gut. Eventually, she’d move on. She was still young and would find a man to share her life with. Any man would find her a catch. That the thought made his stomach uneasy rocked him. He had no right to feel that way.

The past year had been difficult for everyone in the Riley family. Gracelyn had stayed strong, whether for the kids, for his parents, for him, or for herself he didn’t know. He’d only seen her break down twice: when he told her about Chad’s death, and then at his brother’s burial. Not that she hadn’t shed tears. She did. They both had. Maybe she sobbed every night in the shower or while lying in bed by herself. But Matt hadn’t seen it.

She lifted her head and stared at him through her tears.

He touched her face with the back of his hand, wiping away the tears that streaked her cheeks.

Leaning into him, she cupped his face and pressed her lips to his.

He froze.

What the hell? Was she kissing him? She was distraught, upset. She didn’t know what she was doing.

He couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Soft lips moved against his, kissing him with a confidence that was all Gracelyn. Her fresh strawberry scent enveloped him, wrapping around him like a blanket on a cool autumn evening. She smelled so sweet. So intoxicating. Like summer. Like strawberry jam, despite it being the end of September.

Stop this before it goes any further! She was emotional, reeling from the anniversary of her husband’s death. His own emotions were raw.

When she slid her tongue against the seam of his lips, leaving a trail of cinnamon flavor and longing, his thoughts jumbled in his head—none coherent. And the blood rushing past his ears silenced the inner voice yelling at him, repeating all the reasons he should—no, that he needed to—put an end to this kiss. However, his body’s reaction was perfectly clear. Blood rushed to his dick, engorging it instantly and leaving him lightheaded.

He weaved his fingers through her long tresses, palmed the back of her head and pulled her into him, responding to her kiss. He flicked his tongue over her plush bottom lip.

She sighed, her breath mingled with his. Her lips parted, granting him access.

He took the opening as acquiescence and plunged into her mouth, tasting her.

Jesus Christ! It had been a while since he’d kissed a woman, and he felt it all the way down to his toes. Their tongues danced and dueled.

He released his hold on her head and pulled back, breaking their kiss. Her chest heaved as they both gasped for air. The sunlight filtering in through the bedroom window danced off the golden highlights of her hair, making her look like an angel. His angel.

Their gazes clashed. He expected to see regret or anger in her eyes. Even though she’d instigated the kiss, he should know better. He sucked in a breath. He saw nothing but longing in her blue depths. To his utter surprise, she hauled her t-shirt over her head, baring herself.

Holy shit!

She wore nothing under that shirt—not even a pair of panties. He growled, the sound feral in his ears.

Romantic couple touching and kissing each other




I received an ARC of IN FLAMES from the very talented author JESSICA JAYNE.In exchange for an honest opinion. This is my opinion of her amazing book. Actually Jessica Jayne has just re-released this book. Having never read the first copy of it.I don’t know what she changed or added. But I can tell you this. THIS ONE IS HOT!!! She has you at the very first page. You are held hostage. The reader will find themself unable to put the book down. This book is a fast read .The way in which Ms Jayne describes her scenes is totally out of this world. You can picture everything -the fire-field- the characters. She describes it all in such depth and detail.
This is a story that starts out tragic for Gracelyn Riley as her husband Chad is a firefighter. He runs into the burning building trying to save a life. Unfortunately -Chad loses his life. Now his brother Matt goes to his house where Chad lived Gracelynn and the kids. They had just gotten back together. It’s not fair- Chad is the one that was the fair haired child of the family. He could do no wrong. As for Matt – nothing he ever did was good enough for his mom. Now he wants to be the one to give Gracelyn the bad news. When she opens the door- Gracelyn realizes why he is there. She starts to fall but Matt catches her. Together they both start to grief for their loss. Over time Matt helps Gracelyn out at her house with a repairs-they spend time together. Every day is the family dinner at his parents house. Gracelyn and the kids still come to it. His mom still refers to her as being Chad’s wife. Now the more time they spend together. The more that they have to fight the love that they have. Matt can’t love his brother’s wife. It’s not right. Gracelyn says it right for her to love Matt as Chad is not here. Will these two get together? Will the family accept the love that they have? For the answers to these and more. You need to get this amazing spelling binding book. I recommend this book for all that love a good adult contemporary romance. I give this 5 mouse paws. Make sure to add this to your goodreads reading list. And to add to Jessica Jayne to your Bookbub following list. Now go get this book now!!!
I am now a true fan of Ms Jayne and have to more of her books You have me hooked…



 WICKED GAMES (Wicked Bay #4)


The fourth book in the bestselling YA/NA crossover series from L A Cotton is LIVE!!!


 All Maverick Prince ever wanted was to play basketball in college. So starting for the Steinbeck Scorpions should be a dream come true. But not everyone wants to see him succeed. Just because you’re on the same team, doesn’t mean you play by the same rules. 

Lo Stone thought her life was finally on an even keel. As if being a senior and having to think about her future isn’t bad enough, she’s a stranger in her own house. And the longer she goes without seeing Maverick, the harder it is to ignore the little voice of doubt whispering in her ear. 

They thought the games were over, but the war is only just beginning… 





I received an ARC of Wicked Games by the very talented Author L A Cotton. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is my (mismousey) very honest opinion of her book.
Having read several of Ms. Cotton’s book’s already. This one is written in her tremendous style of intrigue, love and suspense. She has you at the edge of your seat( page). Wanting more and more of the story.
In this particular book Wicked Games- we find our main characters Maverick and Lo going through changes. Maverick is now away in college playing basketball. And Lo is left behind during her senior year at high school.( In order to beable to actually follow this couple and understand all the challenges they have faced. You will need to read the first books in this series.) Lo gets a job at a spots bar as waitress. Things at home are sorta hard for her. Along with having to handle the issue of her boyfriend being in college.
Back in college the Zack is the head of the frat and he likes to play games. Bad ones.But there is someone else that has been playing games with Lo. Who you ask and what happens?? These are the wicked games they play. And you need to read ths hot story!
I recommend this book to all young adults, who love a good contemporary romance. I give this a 5 mouse paw rating. Now what are you waiting for? Run and get your copy at the the nearest location today. Ms Cotton- I look forward to the next in the series. Got to have more of Maverick and Lo!




for a limited time

Wicked Beginnings (Wicked Bay #1)

Wicked Rules (Wicked Bay #2)

Wicked Lies* (Wicked Bay #3)

*can be read as a standalone





“Maverick?” I gasped
at the sight of my boyfriend leaning against the hood of his car. “What are

He stalked toward me,
buried his hands in my hair, and kissed me. Deep and slow and full of unspoken
promises. Our tongues tangled together as he guided me against the side of his
car, pressing into me, showing me just how much he’d missed me.

“Maverick,” I
murmured, curling my hands into his t-shirt.

“Fuck, I’ve missed
you,” he breathed between kisses.

When he finally pulled
away and stared down at me with those intense eyes of his, my mind cleared.
“Why are you here?” I arched a brow. I wanted to believe it was because he
missed me and just had to see me but there was something glittering his eyes.

“I missed you,” he


His walls slammed up
and he narrowed his eyes. I let out a heavy sigh, able to see straight through
him. “Kyle told you, didn’t he?” 

“It should have come
from you.”  He gave me a pointed look that I felt all the way down to the
pit of my stomach.

“That’s not fair.” I
stepped back, running a hand through my hair. “I called last night to tell you
and you were—”

“Shit, I know.” He
tilted his face skyward and let out a long sigh. “This, me being away, it’s
harder than I thought it would be.” When his eyes met mine again, my shoulders relaxed,
the annoyance ebbing away. 

“I know. We both just
need to give it time.” I slid my fingers through his belt loops, pulling us
together. “And we both need to relax a little. I can’t freak out every time you
go to a party and you can’t freak out that I’m working here.” 

He stiffened but I
yanked harder. “Maverick.”

“I won’t pretend to
like it, because I don’t.” His dark gaze flicked behind us to Hitters. “But I
trust you, Lo, and I know you need this.”

“Thank you.” I leaned
up pressing a kiss to his jaw, but Maverick dipped his head, capturing my lips
in a breath-taking kiss. 

“Maybe we should take
this somewhere else,” I whispered. “Unless you have to get back to SU?”

“I don’t need to be
back until morning. You have me all night.” His voice was thick with need, and
it softened something inside of me.

“Perfect. I’ll text my
dad and let him know we’ll be at the pool house.” 

His eyes danced with
desire as he kissed me again and then opened the door for me. I slid inside and
waited for him. There was so much I wanted to ask but I didn’t want to ruin the
moment either. So I sat quietly while he drove us back to his house. 

“I can’t believe
you’re here,” I said as he pulled into the drive away and cut the engine. 

“I wanted to see you.”

“Wanted to or needed

“Both, I guess,” he
admitted, reaching over and sliding his fingers into mine. “I’m not going to
lie to you, Lo, I was pissed when Kyle told me about Hitters. But mostly, I was
pissed it came from him and not you.”

“Maverick, I— you’re
right. I should have told you. I should have made you listen. But Gus is good
people. And Sarah and Liam seem really nice. And it means I don’t have to be
there so much.”

His expression
softened. Maverick didn’t need me to spell it out for him, he knew how hard
things had been since Stella and Bethany had moved in a little over a week ago.
“Come on, let’s go inside. We’ve missed you.”

“We?” I asked as I
climbed out of the car. Maverick smirked, holding out his hand for me.

“Yeah, me and him.” He
dropped his eyes to his crotch and I rolled my eyes.

“Oh my god, you’re
turning into Kyle.”

“I thought you dug
that cocky humor he has going for him?”

“Gross.” I smacked his
arm. “That’s my cousin you’re taking about.”

“When you say it like
that…” Maverick grimaced and pulled me into the yard. The Stone-Prince house
had become my second home over the summer. Which was weird since I once hated
the place and everything it stood for. But now I kind of loved it. Not to
mention the fact it housed three of my favourite people. 

“Should we go inside
and say hello?” I flicked my head to the main house, but Maverick was already
pulling me toward the pool house. 

“We can say hello
later or in the morning.”

I couldn’t hide my
smile at that. Even if it was only a flying visit, Maverick was home and didn’t
want to waste a single second of it.






Edgy. Angsty. Addictive Romance.

Author of mature young adult and new adult novels, L A is happiest writing the kind of books she loves to read: addictive stories full of teenage angst, tension, twists and turns.

Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time writer with being a mother/referee to two little people. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.










Cody has had enough of living with his wealthy, controlling, and disapproving parents, so when the time comes to choose a university, he picks one as far away as possible from his hometown and arrives in New York. The naïve boy soon finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind affair with his tutors. Secrets abound. Will they be discovered? Will Cody ever find the happiness he is looking for or will it all end in tears?



I received this ARC from the very talented Author Pierce Smith ( also know as PS). When I read the blurb- I was very intrigued in this M/M story. I found myself wanting to find out what happened next to Cody- did he find love with tutors? Did they get discovered? And did he find the happiness he was so badly seeking for?  This is a very emotional story – you will find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions. One moment your emotions  are high then the next you will find them down. The characters have you all over the place. Not only in the college environment but also with their emotions. You never know what to expect next out of the characters. The author has done an excellent job with his writing and creativity.The characters are brought alive; his scenes in the story are so graphic.You are able to visualize them right before your eyes.

******This book is for Mature Readers Only **** It is a M/M book met for Readers over the age 18.
I wholeheartedly give this book a 5 Mouse Paws ( Stars) and Recommend this all Adults who like Read GAY ROMANCE. PLEASE RUN AND GET YOUR COPY NOW! It is available on Amazon.

Pierce Smith – you are a fantastic author. I thank you for letting me read this amazing story about Cody. I am so looking forward to reading your other books Enrapture: Noah’s Fate 1- 3 .






Pierce Smith, aka PS, has been writing since his childhood. He is a young, single, sexy author who lives alone in the countryside; somewhere on the Planet Earth. He always gets lost in a fantasy/paranormal world of ghosts, shapeshifters, aliens and more. Most of the time his imagination, intuitions, dreams, and his love for them drift him away. He is into paranormal mysteries and hot erotic scenes. PS is a lover of food, coffee, and hot people. PS discovered that fantasizing is addictive and once you have a taste of it, you can’t get rid of it. Thus, escaping from the reality, he writes few short stories. Sadly, most of them go unpublished. He is planning to include them on his blog and share them through his Newsletter. On the advice of his friends, PS started writing long epic novels and self-publishing. PS does his job seriously; does a hell lot of research before putting anything into his books, and interacts with the community around him, a lot. He enjoys his characters (in every possible way) before putting any of them on the paper. He lusts after them so that his readers can experience the same intensity in the characters. He loves talking a lot and flirts openly, enjoying the company of others.

Stalking Sites:

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Amazon Link:…





Good Morning and welcome to Mousey Books. We have a special treat today! We are honored to have with us The Outstanding Author Tre Vaughn Taylor. Who in just 3 short years has written 3 books – along with accomplishing other projects! Please Welcome give a BIG Mouse to Tre Taylor!

Welcome Tre and it’s so great to have you here with us again. You have been a very busy writer. Your latest book – The Project of Being A Woman: The After Effect. I must tell you. Once I picked it I could not put it down: till I had it finished!

With this book, you completed the lives of all the women. Which I thought was great. However, couldn’t one of them of had a happy ending? By that, I mean not all our lives our unhappy. Yes, we have unhappy moments in them. Poor times, and do some horrible things. But all the time?

Tre: Hello, for one thank you for having me again and conducting another interview with me. Thank you for reading my work. To answer your question, I think because readers attach themselves to  the characters. You’ll want a happy ending and good closing, I truly understand that.  I paint reality with my work, everything isn’t all bad nor all good.  “ The After Affect.” in the title stands for mayhem. It’s like the morning after everything has hit the fan. My work isn’t fairytales or anything with guaranteed security it’s gonna be a “ happy” ending. But what I can say is the reader will be moved, provoked and interested in the storylines. Brenda’s storyline had a great ending to it; she survived everything her mother and husband did to her. She found herself and her freedom. So, we can’t say that there wasn’t any good “ endings”.  Also “ happiness” is defined differently in every human being.

Mousey—When you start writing a book. Where does the inspiration for the story line come from?

Tre: Good question, I think it comes from seeing the story line play in my head like a movie. I see all my books as movies and I just write. Most stories just come to me and I write them out loud. I’m inspired by everything in life. Life is a book itself, I use it as resource tool.

Mousey- You recently had another book signing not too long ago. Can you tell us about it?

Tre Yes, it was in September. It was BEAUTIFUL, all the love, support and meeting readers for the first time. And actually enjoying that moment together with each other. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve gotten since embarking on this journey as an artist. Everyone enjoyed themselves and made me feel the love I needed to feel. I worked hard for that moment and I was so happy when it became reality. Thank you, again to everyone that came out. Also everyone that been purchasing book bundles through my newly launched website I wanted to make sure everyone was able to get the book signing experience this year and years to come! I currently have a deal happening with my book bundles. It consists of all three current novels at the retail price of $35 + S&H. I sign them and ship them out myself. So, if you’re interested in this deal? head over to my website today!

Mousey-Have you composed any new music? What do you have instore for your music career? Is it linked to your modeling career?

Tre Yes, I’ve been in the studio. I’ll actually be in the studio these following months. Just recording new music and preparing  my upcoming debut mixtape “ Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.” I’m just creating and connecting with listeners of my music on another level. I’m truly grateful for that and the support I get with my music.

I think everything is linked together, just being that I’m an overall artist of many things.

Mousey- Now that you have finished your latest book. Do you have anything new in the works? Another book, maybe?

Tre: Yes, I’m currently working on two bodies of work. The one I’ve been talking about is “ The Misunderstanding Of Loving A Black girl.” which will have a 2018 release. I’m excited to share it! more info on my newest book soon. I wanted to take sometime and write my 4th novel while I create new art. Everyone will be able to pre-order my new novel next year via my personal website and amazon.

Mousey- With your book signings: do you plan on taking them on the road? By that I mean, travel with the rest of the indie authors when they book signings? If so this mouse would love to catch up with you in Tampa or Orlando!

Tre: YES! I will be doing book tours soon. If you would love for me to come to your state? request me. I’m open for speaking engagement/ party hosting plus more. You can contact me on my business email:  I would love to come to Florida and meet readers there!

It’s gonna happen very soon!!!

Mousey- With your modeling career how do you find the time to sit and compose music and write a book?

Tre: I’m gearing and getting my modeling back polished. I’m finding time for everything. Just having fun while getting business done.

Mousey—Is there anything thing that you would like to say to your readers?

Tre: THANK YOU. Meeting readers for the first time and having them come up to me in public; is a beautiful feeling. Please keep going for your dreams and don’t you ever stop.

I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good. I owe all thanks to him.

Mousey-How can your Readers stalk(follow) you?

Tre: I loved to be stalked.

IG: @OfficialTTaylorxo

Twitter: @OfficialTTxo


Thank you for the interview! I always have the most fun times with you!

Thank you for joining us today. It’s been awesome having you again! I must tell you that I have read every book you have written. Hanging on the edge of my seat while reading them. You are a true to life and dynamitic writer. Now for my followers out there- Please make sure to add to your GOOD READS READING LIST THE PROJECT OF BEING A WOMEN: THE AFTER EFFECT.  Then run and get your COPY OF THIS FANTASTIC BOOK AS FAST AS YOU CAN!





esmemouseysheformeI received this book as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion. This is My (Mismousey ) very honest opinion of the Author’s book MY GIRL.. Having read Mr Jack Jordan other book-ANYTHING FOR HER- that he has written.. I am familiar with his writing style. He has a dramatic one in which he can draw his readers deep into one thing and it turns out to be something totally else.
The way in the plot of this story is written is just this way. It has so many twist and turns – you never know what to expect next. When you open the book you the reader are at once spellbound and captive. You have to keep reading till the very end. As a reader – you have a need – desire- want-burning to find out what happens next. Can’t put it down till it is finished !
This is how excellent and talented Mr Jordan is . His creativity -characters and scenes are so well defined , detailed and described. You are able to see everything right before your eyes.
In My Girl our main character Paige Dawson has lost both her daughter and her husband . Her husband Ryan committed suicide- as for their daughter she was murdered. Paige has nothing to live for . One day she had a beautiful family – then someone took her daughter away. When they found her daughter’s severed arm – That was the end of the life as she knew it. Shortly there after her husband killed himself- leaving Paige by herself. But did they actually kill her daughter? Now years later a note pops up stating she is mine. What does it mean? Why would Ryan own a gun? Who is behind all of this? To find out all of this answers and more. YOU NEED TO READ THIS AMAZING THRILLER!!! I recommend this book to all readers- especially to those that love a good mystery-thriller. I -Mismousey give this book a firm 90 out 5 mouse paws!!!

Words Of A Soul Cover

Words of a Soul is the latest book from author Lisa Fulham and as the title suggests it’s filled with words straight from the soul of the author.



Words of a Soul is a re-mastered and extended version of Words of a Season published in 2013.

This poetry book will plunge your emotions into icy dark depths and burn your heart with the fires of love.

Hear the rose scream, become a bow untied and lose yourself in the passionate pain of others.

May the words of my soul touch yours.

Buy Link

Note From The Author:

Some people think poetry has no place in today’s world or have bad memories of having to dissect the meaning of a sonnet in high school, but poetry is fast becoming one of the most used prose on social media and twitter has countless #’s where poets of all calibre express their emotions using this form of art. A poem is simply a story stripped back to nothing but pure emotion, at least that’s how I see my poetry.


About the Author

Have you ever wondered ‘what if’? I have. Many moons ago I dreamt of writing stories, but I let life take hold and soon the dream was forgotten. These days I’m living my ‘what if’ and I’d love for you to come along on this bodacious ride we call life with me and my words.

From sexy stories with believable people overcoming real self issues to poetry straight from my soul, I promise to always weave scenes of substance and express deep emotion in everything I write.


I hope you’ll walk through the ice and darkness with me and travel to depths unknown to find the love which frees us all.

You can stalk Lisa Fulham though all the links below