esmemouseysheformeI received an ARC from the AUTHOR JACK JORDAN & NETGALLEY
WOW!! I never expected this thriller /storyline- to take the turn that it did. The Author Jack Jordan does an out of this world job drawing the reader in – holding you captive till very the very end. The way in which this story reads – you can see it actually happening in today’s headlines.
Mr Jordan’s imagination and creativity is really unique in ANYTHING FOR HER. In this story we have a mother & daughter who are covering up a murder. Even though it was an accident. The father of the who lost both his wife & child in the accident. Is out for revenge. In the meantime – the Louise has recently found out that her loving husband has been having affair with her sister. Brooke and her mother are keeping secrets they have a bond. However- all mom’s and daughter’s have a bond. and keep secrets.
When Brooke goes missing – Louise must help the police search for her daughter. But if she says anything about that night. Then she will incriminate her daughter. So what will happen? will the father of the murder family get away with what he is planning on doing ? What about Louise and her family? Will she forgive her hubby?
This is an amazing book. I recommend this for all readers. Especially those that love a excellent thriller.Mr Jordan – I can not wait for your next book to come out!!!
Mismousey gives this book a firm 80 out of 5 mouse paws . Now make sure to add this to your GOODREADS READING LIST THEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY.

Mr Jordan – I have to have more of your books. You have made a fan out of this mouse! I can hardly wait for your next book. You kept me on the edge of my seat all through the novel. I have to have more and soon PLEASE !!!





esmemouseysheformeI received this book as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion. This is My (Mismousey ) very honest opinion of the Author’s book MY GIRL.. Having read Mr Jack Jordan other book-ANYTHING FOR HER- that he has written.. I am familiar with his writing style. He has a dramatic one in which he can draw his readers deep into one thing and it turns out to be something totally else.
The way in the plot of this story is written is just this way. It has so many twist and turns – you never know what to expect next. When you open the book you the reader are at once spellbound and captive. You have to keep reading till the very end. As a reader – you have a need – desire- want-burning to find out what happens next. Can’t put it down till it is finished !
This is how excellent and talented Mr Jordan is . His creativity -characters and scenes are so well defined , detailed and described. You are able to see everything right before your eyes.
In My Girl our main character Paige Dawson has lost both her daughter and her husband . Her husband Ryan committed suicide- as for their daughter she was murdered. Paige has nothing to live for . One day she had a beautiful family – then someone took her daughter away. When they found her daughter’s severed arm – That was the end of the life as she knew it. Shortly there after her husband killed himself- leaving Paige by herself. But did they actually kill her daughter? Now years later a note pops up stating she is mine. What does it mean? Why would Ryan own a gun? Who is behind all of this? To find out all of this answers and more. YOU NEED TO READ THIS AMAZING THRILLER!!! I recommend this book to all readers- especially to those that love a good mystery-thriller. I -Mismousey give this book a firm 90 out 5 mouse paws!!!