The Howling Heart by April Bostic

Date of Publication: August 8, 2013


Paige Donovan is an ambitious college graduate who aspires to reach the top of the corporate ladder. She’s climbing fast when given the promotion of a lifetime at a prestigious fashion magazine in New York City. Her bright future comes to an unexpected halt after news of her father’s death. She inherits his old cabin in the Colorado Rockies, and just when she thinks her luck couldn’t get any worse, she has a car accident in the mountains and awakens in the small, remote community of Black River.

Soon, she’s engulfed in the mystical world of Varulv—wolves descended from 13th century Scandinavia and blessed by Norse gods with the ability to appear human. Paige is desperate to return home, but never expects to fall for her rescuer, Riley Gray, a charming young werewolf from England who offers her an alternate future with his pack.

Now, she must choose between the career she’s always wanted and the love she’s always dreamed.

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About April Bostic

April Bostic is a New Jersey-based, Adult Romance author who enjoys unleashing her creativity and letting her imagination run wild. Her love of romance books inspired her to become not just a reader, but also a writer. In December 2008, she self-published her first novel, a contemporary romance with a supernatural twist entitled “A Rose to the Fallen”.

Her first short story, “Right Here, Right Now”, released in January 2012, is an erotic romance with a dash of S&M. The following year, she released two more short stories: a romantic urban fantasy inspired by the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche entitled “Eros, My Love”, and a sexy romantic comedy entitled “Love Addiction”.

After five years, she released her second novel, “The Howling Heart” in August 2013, a paranormal romance that delves into the mystical world of werewolves and Norse gods. To end her busiest year in publishing, April also released her fourth short story in December 2013, a historical paranormal romance entitled “A Dark Scandal”.

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When I finally opened my eyes, they felt swollen. The pain in my head spread throughout my entire body. Dim light surrounded me in this strange room. I lay on a bed and looked up at the ceiling. I tried to speak, but my throat was dry. Only a quiet wheeze escaped. A low groan followed as my headache pounded against my temples. I still felt hot and sweaty. Layers of blankets covered me, and I wanted to yank them off. When I touched my abdomen, I wore nothing but my bra and panties.

My eyes darted around the unfamiliar room. On the wall, I noticed a shadow of something next to me. What the hell is that? I turned my head and saw a candle in the window, but what cast the shadow scared me to death. A large, white wolf lay on the floor beside me. There was no mistaking it for a dog. The bed was low to the floor, and its head was close to mine. I opened my mouth wide, prepared to scream, but wheezes and weak gasps escaped, instead. I thrashed my head against the pillow, as if the motions would turn up the volume in my voice. Finally, a shriek pushed through my sandpaper throat. It was a high-pitched squeal at first, but then, it burst forth and filled the room. I sat up quickly. Aching pain tore through my body, and I heard my bones crack.

The wolf awoke with a start. It jerked its head up, and glowing, yellow eyes blinked until they settled on me. I shrank away from it, nearly falling off the bed, screaming until I went hoarse and gasped for breath. The wolf stood on all fours, its size definitely that of a Great Dane. Our gazes locked for a brief moment before the animal ran out the room. I sat against the headboard, clutching the blankets against my chest. I was alone and terrified. Within seconds, tears trickled down my cheeks.


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reviewesmemouseysheformeCAN THEY STAY AHEAD & STAY SAFE?

OMG Never have I read anything like this before. Author Michelle Areaux is to be commended for writing such a touching and heartfelt story.One that has you held spellbound from the moment you open the first page of this amazing dramatic running for your life You have to keep reading till the very the end. This is a fast read.
Runaway is the first book that I have read written by this author. I am truly happy that I was introduced to her here on Good Reads. I am now reading her other 2 other books Wicked Lies and Wicked Cries. The way in which in she is able to ring her characters to life with such depth and detail – the scenes are descried in such detail right down to the smallest blade of grass or in this case the gun casing. It is magnificent. Ms. Areaux is able to make the reader believe she /he is part of the story. Like you are right there taking part in it.
Runaway is about 2 teenagers -one boy and the other is a girl. They live the high life -thinking that there father’s are working for a big company- or at least least that what Hallie thinks until the night of the family dinner party when Jackson left his cell phone at the table. And they went back for it. They went to go downstairs and saw something they shouldn’t have. Now they are on the run. Running for their lives. Jackson’s promises to tell Hallie what’s going on but getting her to believe him is gonna another thing.
They run to Mexico- and they are found. As they are running away . Jackson starts to fill Hallie in what their dad’s do for a living. He promises to keep her safe. But can he ? Can they out run their parents and mob?
Does her father finally get her back ? What about Jackson? What happens between Jackson and Her? In order to fin out the answers to these questions and more. YOU NEED TO READ THIS AMAZING AND TERRIFIC BOOK!!! I recommend this book for all to read. MAKE SURE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR GOOD READS READING LIST THEN DRIVE AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!
Mismousey firmly gives this book a 90 out 5 mouse paws .




Winter Merrill couldn’t imagine the lonely existence she would inherit when she took on an ancient curse to save her family. Now, kept from her long-time boyfriend, Winter is left completely alone to fight the dark secrets she bares. At her breaking point, a stranger enters her life that knows how exactly how she feels and more importantly, how to eliminate the curse. Will his friendship be a new beginning for Winter or will it prove to be her demise?


I received an ARC from the author ANGELA CARLING in exchange for an honest opinion . This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book -THE DYING LIGHT – THE SECRET KEEPER SERIES #2.

Now let this little mouse tell you this . I read the first book- The Secret Keeper. And OMG was it ever so a edge of your seat /page turner! Ms. Carling has done it again with her second book. In my opinion- I believe she has stepped up her game with this one. This book is so thrilling an exciting you find yourself so wrapped up  in it that you can not put down. You find yourself wrapped in the DYING LIGHT so much – that before you know it. You have finished the book.

Once you open this delicious and thrilling paranormal ya story. You find yourself captive and held hostage till the very end. Then you still want more of Winter’s story. Ms. Carling has a gift with writing.She can bring to light a subject no one has thought of before. And make you believe that it is possible that Secret Keepers exist today. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well sorta of , it would.

Dying Light- we find Winter out of High School and a little older now. She now has the weight of several secrets on her shoulders. Her boyfriend Liam is in college- and she is left to live a somewhat lonely life. Winter tries to stay away from people in order from not to take their secrets.

This one day she meets a young man that happens to be another secret keeper. In order to prove himself to her- he takes one of her secrets from her. Not telling her his his main reason why he is doing this. And thinking he trying to become a friend-like he says. Winter accepts him taking the secret from her. She feels wonderful. Liam doesn’t trust him. But before Liam can tell her why or anything else about him. He has to rush off to his mother. She has been in an accident. Winter ask to go- he tells her no.  Liam is mad over her friendship with Briggs. Briggs has plans Winter – not goods either.

Will Briggs be the end of Winter ? Will he end Winter and Liam?  What happens between these secret keepers? For all these answers and more . YOU NEED TO READ THIS HOT THRILLING EDGE OF YOUR SEAT BOOK!!


I recommend this book for all readers -especially those that love paranormal and ya. Mismousey gives this book a firm rating of 80 out of 5 mouse paws. So what are you waiting for?? RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY OF THE DYING LIGHT -SECOND BOOK OF THE SECRET KEEPER SERIES. THIS IS A HOT AND MUST READ!

Ms. Carling- I love your series. An I sure do hope that you continue it. Would love to see how Winter goes about finding the original Secret Keeper. . I love your writing an the way in which you bring your stories and characters to life. Looking forward to  reading more of your books. You are truly a talented an amazing author!




I’m so excited to be here today to talk about my new paranormal series.  Before I start, I want to leave a link for a giveaway. I’m giving away a copy of both book 1(The Secret Keeper) and 2(In The Dying Light) in an easy-peasey rafflecopter giveaway. Enter to win here

Now, what is a Secret Keeper? Simply put, a secret keeper is a person, male or female that bears an ancient curse that allows them to change a person’s history and erase their mistakes, making their secret disappear, forever. The catch, next time the guilty party has a secret, they will not be able to tell it, even if they want to.

And this is where the Secret Keeper series starts……

Released Summer 2015: The Secret Keeper

In book one of the Secret Keeper series Winter Merrill does something she regrets. Her need to hide her mistake  is a powerful catalyst that leads her to the door of a mysterious and enchanting woman who calls herself The Secret Keeper. Sure that she’s done making mistakes, she gives her fateful secret to the woman. One week later she finds herself the keeper of another, far more devastating secret. Will she be able to break the curse in time, or she pay an unthinkable price to loose her tongue and save everyone she loves?

Released March 2016: In The Dying Light


In book 2 …Forever changed by a deal gone awry with her secret keeper, Winter now lives an isolated existence wanting nothing more than be freed from the dark influence of the secret keeper curse in her life. At her breaking point, a stranger enters her life, one who understands how she feels and more importantly knows how to eliminate the curse. Will his friendship be a new beginning for Winter, or will it prove to be her demise?

You can find The first two books of The secret keeper series(plus some awesome contemporary stand-alone books) at:



Still wondering if you’d like the series? Here’s an excerpt of The Secret Keeper


and over in my head I repeated, “She can make my secret go
I’m not sure if I was trying to convince myself, or trying to keep
from going nuts, but the phrase calmed me as I drove.
found Lejo Street and began the steep climb to the top. The houses
this neighborhood were small. Most were weathered if not
forgotten. Pines grew too close together. Piles of rusted tools
long-forgotten bathroom fixtures littered the landscape, hidden
by overgrown grasses and neglected Quakies. No wonder everyone
it was creepy.
heart rate quickened with the ascent, and my palms left sticky
on my steering wheel. I wiped them on my jeans only to have the
build up again immediately. Soon there was nothing but dense
a blur of green, broken only by the ashen skies above. The rain
down in unyielding sheets and I turned up the windshield wipers.
and forth they went like a giant metronome, keeping in step with
nervous heartbeat.
strained to see out the windows until all at once there was nothing
front me but a large rusted metal gate and a cracked wood sign, painted
ago, that declared, “No trespassing.” Beyond the gate, through the
and the rain, I saw the pale blue house that the girl in the park had
more time I said out loud, “She can make my secret disappear.”
almost convinced myself now. I had to be convinced, what with the
house in the middle of nowhere and the stormy weather.
screamed “Don’t go in!” but I was driven to try something,
not to lose my best friend and boyfriend.
climbed from the car and ran until I reached the porch, slipping and
to catch myself as I tried to take the stairs too fast. Light spilled
through a crack in the curtains, letting me know someone was there.
lifted my hand to knock on the old splintered door and froze. I didn’t
the secret keeper’s name. How would I address her? Before I could
what to do, the heavily scratched door handle turned and the door
a crack. My mouth fell open. The eyes that peered through the
were surprisingly young.
throat felt tight as I swallowed and it sounded loud to me. I
turn and run. Everything in my gut told me to go, but I stood like
marble statue frozen by my anguish.
are you looking for?” she asked.
melodic voice made me think of dozens of wind chimes all
at once. Still, I felt uneasy.
made myself spit out the words. “The Secret Keeper.”
excruciatingly long minute passed and I thought she might tell
that I had the wrong house or that I should get off her property.
in a voice no louder than a whisper she said, “Come in. I’m The

A little about Angela



Angela Carling was
raised in Palm Springs California, but lives Arizona with her husband, three
kids and five felines.  After years of
denial she finally admitted that she is a hopeless romantic which led her to
write her first Young Adult book Unbreakable Love. Since then she’s published
three more books, Shackled, Becoming Bryn and The Secret Keeper. Shackled won
the silver IPGA award in 2012 and has been optioned as a screenplay. She always
eats the frosting off her cake and leaves the rest, and can be caught singing
in public bathrooms.  When she’s not
writing YA novels, she’s mentoring teen writers, making pizza with her family
or dreaming of taking a nap, not necessarily in that order. 


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The Last Legacy: Season One
by Taylor Lavati
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Disaster strikes North
America, leaving people without the most basic amenities. Lana 
is taken from her home
and forced to accept a world full of infected, violent beings. Life as humans
know it is over, and in its place is a constant fear of death, paranoia, and
The mission in this new
world is simple: survive. But survival comes at a cost few can bear.
As Lana and Jim find
more survivors, new threats surface, their past decisions haunting them as they
pass through abandoned towns. Armed with nothing but the pack on her back and a
long-handled knife, Lana fears whether or not they’ll make it to their
destination–or if she’ll perish along the way.
I was very lucky when I received an ARC from the author Taylor Lavati in exchange for an honest opinion. The book that I am speaking of is her recently published one- “ THE LAST LEGACY”
This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her most amazing and magnificent ZOMBIE book ever. Now I have never been one to read books about zombies. But must say – after reading this one, I intend to add them my reading list. Mismousey has always been one to try reading all books with an open mind. And I am very happy that I do. Now that being said. Let me tell you how I feel about the authors writing skill.
Ms. Lavati’s has such a creative mind and skill and she is able to show the reader exactly what is happening to the point that you believe you are right there. You believe – you are there with them and it is happening to you. You find yourself running from the zombies and hiding for your life.
Once she has picked up her pen and taken it to paper you are able to see her creative juices flow unto the paper. Her work and storytelling – in my opinion is like Stephen King. She is just that great with this thriller of “THE LAST LEGACY”
Ms Lavati is also the author of the Curse series, Wingless, Reliant Love. If you have not read any of her books. I suggest you do. She is an amazing and very talented –gifted writer. Now let’s get on with a tidbit of “THE LAST Legacy”
The Last Legacy is about a young women by the name of Lana- she has no family. Her neighbor next door has a noisy little Chihuahua she calls snippy. Now on her way home from work this creepy ole man asked her if she had heard what they had been saying on the news. That they were going to war. As she got off the bus and started walking to her house- she felt the ground move. It was like an earthquake had hit. Once Lana had made it into her house – she turned on her tv set. There was the news lady yelling and warning everyone to stay indoors. Bombs are being dropped across America containing lethal toxins. We are just getting word of.. then everything went blank on the screen. No reception- no anything. Lana jumped up locked all her doors and windows. She barracked herself – placed towels in the cracks where she could. Lana sneaks outside feels the ground rumble and hides. But men find out and want to know why she is outside. She should be inside- they tell her go inside and hide not to come out and if she see anyone with red eye’s to kill’em.
She runs indoors and locks herself in There she hides until a group of men find her. One particular by the name of Jim. He actually finds her first before the rest of the guys. And tells her to do what he says. He is trying to protect her without telling her and letting on to the guys. If they knew they would kill them both.
Now – we have Lana and Jim together. They try to get away from the group. The group has plans for Lana – as they only want to take turns with her. Finally Jim gets them away- as they are running an, hiding trying to save themselves. They pick up strays along the way.
Will they be able to make it to safety?? Will the zombies get them?? What happens to Jim and Lana?
In order to find the answers to these questions and others. You will need to read this FANTASTIC-TERRIFIC-THRILLER-OMG IS IT A HOT READ OF THE YEAR!! It captures your attention from the very first page. Keeps you spellbound all the way through it. You will not be able to put this book down till have finished reading it. Then you find yourself wanting more of the story. I recommend this book for all readers. Mismousey gives this book a very firm and I do mean a very firm rating of 60 out 5 stars.
Buy Links
Digital: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo | B&N | iBooks
What Others Are Saying…
(All reviews are found on Goodreads)

If you love an outstanding thriller, then this one will keep you on pins and needles and take your breath away. 

~ Dee from SNSBAH Promotions & Reviews

Overall, I can say that this was a fabulous book that is guaranteed to keep readers attention – I am not just saying that because I am on Taylor’s street team. The plot, the characters, and the possibility of more books in this series all work for this book. So, if you enjoy science fiction, with some romance on the side, I suggest you check out “The Last Legacy” 
~ Melissa
I Would Recommend everyone to Buy every book that Taylor has written. She is one of the Best Author I have known and her writing is fantastic. Amazing Read. 
~ Shirin Rasheed
About the Author
Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in a small town in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult romances with ranging genres from fantasy, A Curse Books trilogy, to dark romance, A Reliant Love. Her books have all hit #1 on the Amazon bestselling chart for their categories! When not writing, she enjoys playing video games, hiking, and spending time with family.
Romance with a bit of CHAOS.
Visit her at
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The year is 2032, the planet has been ravaged by the Eco Death, humanity is forced to live under domes, and Dante Alighieri High School for paranormal pupils is preparing for the annual Valentine’s Night Party. The seniors have distributed old-fashioned valentine cards, and the Drako Del Sarto triplets are planning their big night out.
Darius has decided it’s time to confess his sentiments to Selene, a cute little vampire from his History of the Occult class.
Arianna and Daniel don’t want to hide their relationship any longer and are getting ready to talk to their families.
Serses has fallen in love for the first time, but he can’t talk about it with anyone else.
The rest of the school is alive with preparations, but not everyone has Love on their mind when it comes to a secret Valentine’s Night Party.
An Immortal Valentine’s Night is the first YA novella in the Immortal Future series, starring the sons and daughters of Marcus and Alexander from The Immortals.







I received an ARC from the Author MONICA LA PORTA in exchange for an honest opinion.This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book – THE IMMORTAL VALENTINE NIGHT.

Having read the entire series of IMMORTAL’S to date- I already know the writing style of Ms Porta. And what to expect of this author in her books. Let me tell – she brought it and more with this one. Ms. Porta writing style is unique one and true to  her own. She has such a way when creating Immortal’s . That you actually believe you are there with them. Her teenagers have been crafted down to the smallest detail to act like and feel like regular teenagers. Except they are supernatural ones. Ms. La Porta storyline is pure genius – so are her characters and scenes. Once you start reading this out of world story – you are held captive till the very end. Then you are left wanting more of Immortal’s . And can hardly wait till the next book comes out. You have to know more what happens next to the younger generation of Marcus and Alexander.

As our story opens we are school and it is night time. The seniors are in Italian Lit. – Darius was thinking about Selene as she was not  in nocturnal class tonight. Tonight she was taking her driving test .Their teacher Mrs. Lanetti was interrupted by a knock at the door. She wanted to know what Daniel wanted. He came in and explained that the Seniors were having a Valentine’s Day party . It’s a secret Valentine theme this year.Here are the invites all you have to is follow the directions on the inside.

Find a pen—there are plenty for everyone, you just need to look around—and write your valentine message under the heart.

Fold the card. Turn it over.

Write the name of your valentine on the back of the card.

An arrow suggested to turn the paper to read the rest of the instructions.

Show up at Santa Severa Castle by midnight tomorrow.

Give your card to your valentine.

Good Luck!

In the meantime– Arianna ( who is one of the triples if you remember) she has a relationship with Daniel. He is the best friend of her brothers. They haven’t told them yet- but they are hoping to tell them soon how they feel towards each other. Every male has to give out a Valentine card. Selene is hoping to get one from Daniel – however when she is in the girl’s bathroom. She overhears Nilla talking to her girlfriends about what she saw Serses do. She is s upset about – that when Nilla leave she is found crying in the bathroom. Arianna went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and found her – she invited her over to her house the following week. Which really cheered her up the bell rang – they had to rush to get to their next class.

Serses tells his brother he wrote his valentine to Mr Valerius ( their teacher). Darius wait for brother after class while he gives him the card.Serses has never felt this way before for anyone. Before Mr.Valerius could say anything he placed the card in his hand and turned left.

As he is walking outside he walks into Selene. They start talking and walk out of the out of the school together. He gives his brother the thumbs up sign. Darius then gets on his airbike rides over to where they are. He asks if he can give her a lift home. Thinking that it might cause problems with between him and his brother. She ask – he assures her that it won’t. Darius then asks for her address. Selene gives it to him – come to find out it is not far from where he lives.

But as everyone is getting ready to go to the party. Selene is being picked up at her house by  Darius. The doorbell rings- she run to answers it – then she is gone. When Darius comes to pick her up he thinks his brother already did. So he goes to the party only to find a big mystery taking place. What is happening to all the  vampires? And who has taken Selene? The guys have alerted the council for help but in the meantime they are looking. Will they find everyone in time?

For these answers and more– You need to read this delicious and genius story!!MIsmousey recommends this to everyone especially to those that love a fabulous Paranormal read. I give this book 80 mouse  stars .

Now  make sure to add this to your GOODREADS READING LIST THEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY!!!!




The archangel and the alpha werewolf, two men from rival species, an everlasting forbidden love.

A father and a son, estranged for eighteen years and reunited by fate.

Amidst bigotry and racism, Ludwig and Quintilius have been in love for almost two thousand years. Yet, their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Ludwig is named archangel, and he must decide between Quin and his brethren.

Lupo is a young, misguided werewolf in search of an identity and full of anger. Seeking to secure his position among the Reds, the most feared street gang in Rome, he commits himself to a life of crime, only to find love where he least expected.

One morning, after rescuing a vampire from a vicious werewolf attack, Ludwig makes a discovery that will link Quintilius’s and Lupo’s lives forever. But despite their good intentions, love and happiness aren’t in sight for the three men, while vampires, werewolves, and angels plot against them





I received an ARC from the author MONICA LA PORTa in exchange for an exchange for an honest review. This is Mismousey’s very honest review of her first in the series following the teenages of THE IMMORTALS-THE LONELY WOLF (THE IMMORTALS #6.
Having read all of the other books in this fabulous and out of this Immortals world series. Ms. La Porta has taken it to the next step farther when she has written about the children and teens in this wonderful story. She has been able to make the story so much real. These characters are truly amazing adding so much more depth to the story. Ms. La Porta writing is as always very talented and so well written. She has a true way with her words and writing. You find yourself right there in the story actually feeling ans seeing everything that is going on. You begin to feel like it is happening to you- and you are one of these amazing carefree kids!!
Sit back pull up a chair with a cup of wine or a glass of delicious of red wine. oooh the heck the with it. Better to make it a make it with it two glasses . She can have the glass of wine with us also.
Now our story starts out with Lupo having finished for the day delivering the vamp blood. Now they are watching tv on a large flat screen when all of a sudden Rock (who is a big brother an head of security) hits him on the back. Saying ” man doesn’t he look just like you.” Lupo recognizes the silver haired hair man- and says who him? and Rocko says yes him. “Lucius Seneca Quintilius?”
Now what had started out as a joke has turned into a quest. He has to know. He broke into the Cradle & Bites an orphanage. Where he grew up for the most part. It is here where he learn that supposedly he was Quintilius. He just didn’t understand it. Didn’t they love him? Why would they get rid if him an then later in care about him?
Lupo has a run in with the police and hides in a girls room. This girl is Jasmine has caught his eye. So he follows her with the police chasing him- he ditches the cops and gets her to hide him fo a couple of days. Now Jasmine is supposed to marry this other guy- which she does not love or want to. She has told her parents. But they has old her in no uncertain terms is gonna get out of this marriage
So as you see we have out hero Lupo being a lone wolf always doing stuff by himself himself. Never needing anyone in his life. And then we have our Jasmine – who has just entered the picture who has had everything handled for her. Will these two wolf’s get together? What happens between Lupo and the Quin? Oh yeah one other thing for you to think about. Remember our Angel Ludwig? Well what happens between Ludwig and Quin?
I recommend this book for all to read!! Especially those tht love a SUPER GREAT PARANORMAL SHIFTER BOOK. Mismousey gives this a book a BOOK A FIRM 80 OUT OF 5 STARS. make sure to ad it to GOODREADS & GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!

Look for her next book in this amazing series LUPO -COMING SOON  TO A GOODREADS NEAR YOU!!

Ms. La Porta -you alway amaze me. Your books are so amazing an you take your readers to places beyond our imagination. Please keep writing this series!!! This mouse loves them so much and is a fan of them an yours!!!



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St. Blair: Sybille’s Reign

Young Adult Paranormal/Supernatural
By E.W. Skinner
St. Blair - Sybille's Reign - Cover



Twenty-four hours earlier the world was a pristine, productive, demon-free society and Sybille Malone an unknown Region One Fabric Counsel designer.
Global Good’s curator and guardian of banished relics warehoused in the Arctic Region, Eston Cote, needs to act fast. As Global Good’s North Quad leader, he must prepare his colleagues in the other three Quadrants of the world for something they have never known… warfare.
Celestial warfare. A fight for souls.
Eston has discovered Sybille’s connection to a chain of supernatural events that not only caused planetary earthquakes, but unleashed the Holy Warrior St. Michael the Archangel and his enemies. Michael’s sole mission is to defend Sybille’s calling, slaying the hounds of hell who threaten to possess the citizens of her world.
Divinely foreseen and journaled by 21st century teenager St. Blair, Sybille’s only hope of reining in the evil she unleashed on September 14, 2202, is to follow the directives of Blair and the saints before the demonic possessions outnumber the innocents.


St Blair - Cover


EW Skinner
Emily had a goal when she was 15, she would have a daughter named Marquel and write a novel titled “Marquel.” She accomplished both and more.
Emily was a protege of the late master of the pulps or paperback originals, Harry Whittington. Emily interviewed Whittington during her days as a feature writer for the Clearwater Sun daily newspaper and its weekly division. They became friends and he taught her how to plot and gave her approval of the original outline and sample chapter for “Marquel” shortly before he died in 1989.
After Whittington passed away, Emily challenged herself to write as her mentor did and wrote a chapter a day and finished the novel “Marquel” in 52 days. For more details on the novel’s history read:
Fast forward, a second daughter, Blair is born and Emily and husband Tom focus on raising their family. Both daughters are now grown and work in Hollywood. So this might be an example of art imitating life or the reverse?
A devoted Catholic, Emily is rekindling her love for writing and has just completed the movie script for “Marquel” and a young adult paranormal appropriately named after her youngest child, “St. Blair: Children of the Night.”
When Emily isn’t working as a marketing consultant or writing, she enjoys antiquing/thrifting and producing short films. Emily is the proud Executive Producer of Blair Skinner’s film “Relative Eternity,” a 2012 LA Shorts Film Festival selection, Sunscreen Film Festival selection and Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes selection. Written, directed and edited by Blair Skinner, “Relative Eternity” is on for your viewing pleasure.
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New Cover


*** I received an ARC from the author , Dani Hart in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of ” REALITY (THE ARIE CHRONICLES #1).****
First let me say this about this amazing & very talented author Ms. Hart. I have read her adult books ” Forgotten Treasures and Firefighters Flame both are amazing books. Now I have started reading “THE ARIE CHRONICLES” and i must say I am not one bit disappointed at all. Matter of fact I am shocked by her imagination and creativity. Never would I have believed that I could I have been taken to a whole new level of excitement an thrill. I never saw this coming from her pen on paper. Ms. Hart is a genius when it comes to making worlds appear out of thin air .But let me tell you about ARIE and what happens to her without spoiling the book for you.
Arie is a young teenager who just has her mother. Her father left her when she was just a wee babe. They live near the meadows and love to go there . It is their favorite spot. Arie is comfortable with nature – the creatures come up to her and let her pet them like they are normal pets. ( can you imagine petting a deer or squirrel or even having a bird in your hand?) Her mom and her go to what they call butterfly circle. It is called this as all the butterflies land there . They even land on them. ( kewl huh?)
Any rate, arie has a friend by the name of River – he is her best friend they do everything together. It is even thought that maybe oneday they might hook up- but Arie doesn’t think of River like that.
Arie’s mom owns a book store and Arie does the story hour. She has a girlfriend that has a dress shop that work’s next door . Her name is Starling.
Now this one day while River and Arie are in the meadows when her mom is killed. This takes her on a downward depression. During this time she finds out she is part of another world reality all together. One where she had lived before. Her father Tevi lives there – She meets a young man by the name of Ashe – she is drawn to him. River and his family try to help over her grief of her family. When she turns 18 she gains controls of the book store and River’s parents a card that contain her mother ring in it. It is a unquie gem stone. Once she puts it on her finger she starts to glow. They also have left her a letter from her mother. In the letter her mother tries to explain how special Arie is – an how she met her father. She was a special gift from her father and one she will always cherish- she had wanted to say goodbye to her. But she will always be apart of her. At that moment Arie runs out of the store to her butterfly meadow to be close to her mother there she stays until dark. When River finds her. He tells her that she needs to leave – when they are walking away she feels someone watching them and yells run. They get into her house- he tells her that he – he has been protecting her. And that’s all he can say at the moment. Arie needs to speak to his mother. She is away- when she comes back home she is very ill. Not knowing what is wrong. They speak – she she try’s to explain about her mother and the fact that she is dieing to give her Arie her energy.
As the story progress’s you will find out that someone is trying to kill her. And that Tevi her father has taken her to the other vail. This is in order to protect her.Now I am not going to tell you what happens in the vail . Or to Arie-River- Starling- or the others. There are a lot of twist and turns in this amazing – FANTASTIC-TERRIFIC-OMG HOT FANTASY READ OF THE CENTURY!
Mismousey recommends this book to all young adults / adults and to all fantasy and paranormal lovers out there! I give this a different and firm 60 out 5 stars. Yeah I know you might think this mouse crazy. But I don’t rate normal. The way in which the writing – creativity- characters- scenes-cover- blurb- it all comes together. It is so awesome- in this Mismousey’s mind it deserves a 60. Ms. Hart girl you rock!! Can’t wait for the next book!!!